CPR Training ClassAre you an employer that has a made a decision to promote workplace safety and emergency preparedness?  Businesses across the country are enrolling their staff in CPR training courses because they understand the importance of keeping both customers and employees safe on business premises.  No one can predict when a first aid emergency will strike, but your office can always take measure to prepare.

Calling Executive CPR is the first step in getting your office CPR-ready.  With decades of on-site training experience, our first aid instructors have helped hundreds of businesses across the Southeast get the certification they need.  From local small businesses to large corporations, our instructors can team up with business to create a customized plan of action so that you can effectively deal with a future cardiac arrest episode or healthcare emergency.

Courses We Offer

At Executive CPR & First Aid, we offer a variety of corporate employee first aid classes so that your office can find the program that best matches your.  Our instructors are backed by AHA certifications and work on-site, at your business location, to train multiple employees at once.  Some of our course offerings include:

  • Heartsaver CPR Course: This course focuses on two central components of first aid response: recognition and treatment. Trainees will learn how to recognize signs of four common medical emergencies (heart attack, stroke, choking, and cardiac arrest), as well as basic treatment methods.
  • Heartsaver AED Course: Combining adult CPR instruction with hands-on AED use, this course is designed to each employees how to use automated external defibrillators around the office.
  • Heartsaver AED With Pediatric CPR Course: For workplaces that regularly deal with children, this course should be a central part of employee training. Our instructors review the basics of using a pediatric AED device and how to respond when a child or infant in nonresponsive.
  • Heartsaver First Aid Course: The course is designed to meet OSHA requirements and guidelines. This modular course is industry-oriented to meet the needs of your specific business and reviews general first aid principles.
  • Heartsaver CPR in Schools Course: Middle school & high school students are often required to learn CPR. Our dedicated in-school training program reviews the chain of survival for cardiac arrest victim and how students can recognize certain warning signs.  The course also reviews information about children & infant medical responses.

Why Employee CPR Training?

The answer is simple: CPR saves lives.  A minimal investment in first aid training can mean the difference between saving a life and being too late.  Executive CPR has partnered with hundreds of businesses, finding that there are many reasons why companies enroll in workplace safety courses.  Below, our team has listed some benefits of corporate CPR training.

It’s economical. According to many of our clients, an on-site CPR training regimen is more affordable than they assume.  Dozens, even hundreds, of employees can gain the valuable skills they need without missing excessive work time.  Similarly, Executive CPR stresses a low cost-per-trainee pricing plan that makes this life-saving skill even more accessible.

It’s great for employee satisfaction.  Companies that invest in real-life skills like CPR training are more likely to have satisfied employees.  Investing in the health and happiness of your staff means that you care about workers from a personal level, not just from a business standpoint.  Let your employees know that your office is equipped to deal with an emergency should they become a victim of an unexpected medical emergency.

It’s tailored to your business.  From restaurants to construction contractors, almost every industry has specific risks that might make some healthcare emergencies more common than others.  At Executive CPR, our training programs are uniquely crafted to fit the needs of your business.

It promotes awareness and community.  Ask around your office: do many employees know where to find a first aid kit?  This training experience makes employees understand the value of their workplace and the people within it.  In addition to getting CPR certified, our goal is to help your office take a cohesive stand toward medical preparedness.

Is your business ready to get CPR certified?  Get the training that your employees need with Executive CPR.  Our instructors proudly serve the Southeast, including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina.  Register for your training course online today.