CPR ClassCardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly referred to as CPR, is a lifesaving technique commonly used in many emergency situations, such as near drowning accidents and heart attack. You’ll more than likely recognize what it looks like, perhaps from learning the basics in 9th grade health class or watching multiple medical procedures.

Unlike what many think, CPR training is not just reserved for medical professionals—anyone can become certified with this practice and be equipped to possibly save a life in the event of an emergency wherever they go.  Atlanta CPR classes are available for any workplace; more certifications mean safer environments everywhere. Here are some of the top reasons to acquire CPR certification.

Be Prepared for Any Situation

Emergency situations don’t follow a schedule; you never know when someone may start having a heart attack. You could be on vacation, at work or at a little league game when previous CPR training could make all the difference in saving someone’s life. Anyone can administer basic, hands-only CPR, so if you’re trained but someone else has begun providing CPR, you can offer assistance. The more people there are on hand to respond to an emergency situation, the better. If you can administer CPR, someone else can focus on calling 911.

Good Samaritan laws also exist to protect anyone administering aid in an emergency situation, so you can feel peace of mind when you recognize something must be done about the situation at hand.

Executive CPR offers Georgia CPR classes in many areas; for example, if you’re often around infants and children, the Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course provides training in recognizing and preventing cardiopulmonary arrests in the young and would be a good choice for you.

Put Your Family, Friends and Coworkers at Ease

Most cardiac arrests occur outside the home. If your loved ones and coworkers know you’ve been trained in CPR, they’ll have peace of mind if an emergency arises. With the accessibility of Atlanta CPR classes through Executive CPR, training for your workplace should be a must.

In some cases, you may know CPR, but it’s been awhile since you’ve received training—perhaps it’s time to brush up on your CPR knowledge. Re-training every few years will reinforce CPR methods in your mind and make you an even better expert at administering this lifesaving practice.

Build Your Resume

Some reasons for knowing CPR are more selfish than others—and that’s okay! When applying to jobs, having CPR certification is definitely an attractive skill. More and more workplaces are having certain employees receive CPR training, so they would certainly see the benefit of hiring someone who has already been certified.

If you’re already content in your workplace, it’s always a good time to bring up CPR certification with your employer. Ask if it’s possible to bring a CPR workshop into the office—they’ll likely appreciate you thinking of the health and safety of the whole team.

Register for Atlanta CPR Classes Today

Whether you’re an individual looking for certification in a specific area of emergency response or a business owner looking to create an even safer work environment, there’s no better time than now to get CPR certified. Register for your Atlanta CPR training with Executive CPR today.