CPR Training ClassCardiopulmonary resuscitation is what is known as CPR. When properly trained and certified, you learn how to perform CPR so that you could help someone in the event of a medical emergency.

The Origin and History of CPR

In 1740, the Paris Academy of Sciences officially stated that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation could be used to help those who were victims of drowning. After over 150 years, in 1904, the first case of closed-chest cardiac massage was performed in America. In 1957, the United States Military began using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to help revive victims who were nonresponsive.

Shortly after, in 1960, CPR was developed. For the last 55 years, America has studied, refined and reshaped the act of CPR, so that it produces the most effective results. Those who needed to be trained in CPR were defined and taught, such as emergency dispatchers and medical professionals. Most recently, in 2015, the guidelines for CPR were updated, for the fiftieth anniversary of the invention for this type of resuscitation.

Who CPR Helps

CPR can help anyone in the event that they need resuscitation. When you are trained in CPR, you will learn how to identify when someone needs this assistance, as performing CPR on someone who doesn’t need it could hurt them.

Different forms of CPR are taught for infants, small children and adults. If someone was in an accident, choking, drowning, suffering from a heart attack or they have simply stopped breathing and their heart has stopped beating, you could be able to use CPR to help them.

By knowing how to properly perform CPR, you could be helpful in the event of an accident, until professional medics are able to arrive on the scene. This act could potentially help save someone’s life, so it is important to know how to perform CPR and how to do so correctly.

Learning CPR Today

Depending on what job you have, you may be required to take training courses to learn how to perform CPR. In some positions, you have to learn first-aid or even advanced CPR to meet the requirements for your company. In general, those who work in the healthcare field or those who watch after young children have to be certified in these more specific courses.

There are different courses available for healthcare professionals. Jobs that aren’t in these fields could require training such as an AED course, which teaches those how to use an automated external defibrillator. There are also first-aid courses, and classes with a combination of everything.

Companies that require their employees to have CPR training are really just showing that they care about the well-being of those who are in the workplace. If you are looking to learn CPR, it can be done in the classroom or through a series of online classes. Connect to our website to learn more information on CPR training courses in the Southeastern region of the United States.