resuscitationIn the state of Georgia, and the South as a whole, there is no greater city than Atlanta. As a center of business, entertainment and art, Atlanta draws visitors and new residents from all over the world every single day. Whether you’re interested in a superior night life, starting your business career or relocating your family to an exciting, rapidly growing city, Atlanta has something for you.

If you’re one of Atlanta’s thousands of workers, then it’s likely that your job has certain safety requirements, including CPR training. Discover how easy it is to find Atlanta CPR classes and complete your work required CPR certification by connecting with Executive CPR.

Find Atlanta CPR Classes for Every Need

Executive CPR is proud to provide a wide range of Atlanta CPR classes to fill every need. If you are employed as one of Atlanta’s many healthcare workers, we offer classes that train in areas like defibrillator use, clearing of airways and providing basic life support. For other work places where CPR might be needed, such as schools, we have classes that will teach you how to recognize emergency situations and provide life support to infants, small children or adults.

Executive CPR also provides the most convenient options for learning CPR skills. You can receive training in our facility, at your place of work or online—whatever course works best for you, we can provide it.

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Across a wide range of jobs—including health care workers, teachers and public servants—CPR is a necessary skill as well as work requirement. Being able to provide basic life support in emergency situations is not only valuable in the work place, but also in your everyday life. If you need to find top quality Atlanta CPR classes for your job, or if you’re just interested in learning CPR for yourself, then you should look for the right course for you through Executive CPR. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of classes, and how we can help you learn CPR techniques in the easiest way possible.