Executive CPR provides the highest quality professional health care and emergency first aid training. Since opening our main office in Atlanta, we have now expanded to offer additional training in Georgia through our offices in Marietta and Augusta.

First Aid Classes and CPR Training

Our comprehensive CPR training and first aid classes cover a range of emergency training and instruction needs. The available training options include:

  • Instructor Information Courses: Intended for CPR or BLS instructors, these courses offer information to improve your training sessions. Resources available include updates and bulletins on trends in the field as well as new product information.
  • Health Care Professional Training Courses: These courses cover using the automated external defibrillator (AED) and basic CPR skills as well as clearing airway obstructions and foreign bodies. They are intended for all ages.
  • Workplace Training Classes: With a focus on recognizing and treating life-threatening situations including choking and cardiac arrest in infants, children and adults, these are ideal for workplace training.
  • Online Training: eLearning can be ideal for supplemental training and just as effective as on-the-ground courses. It allows students to not only learn new skills but refresh existing ones. We use a three-stage delivery method to meld practical training with cognitive skills.

Why Choose Georgia Executive CPR Training

Our top-of-the-line equipment represents top-of-the-line technology for ACLS, PALS and BLS training. This includes the availability of first aid supplies, AED devices and emergency medical equipment. Best of all, when you complete our Georgia Executive CPR training courses, we print your card right in class so there is no waiting for your certification.

Fully Customized Training

To get started with your customized training sessions, you just have to answer three questions:

  • WHO will be receiving training and certification?
  • WHAT training do you need? Will CPR certification cover your needs or do you require more intensive First Aid classes?
  • WHERE will the training be delivered? First aid courses require plenty of space and a way for students to watch a DVD. We are able to host training if you don’t have the facilities available.

When you are ready for training, we are ready to teach the classes. No matter where you are located, every student should choose Executive CPR training. Call us today 770-565-2848.