kennesaw ga cpr trainingKennesaw, a part of metropolitan Atlanta, is a Georgia city rich with history and culture. Dating back to the late 1800s, Kennesaw was one of the major locations of the railroad industry and played a crucial role in the Civil War. In modern times, Kennesaw is one of the premier cities in the state of Georgia for families looking for the perfect combination of small town life and big city convenience and amenities.

For many businesses located in Kennesaw, training their employees in life save techniques such as CPR is a necessary concern. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find convenient, affordable CPR classes designed for businesses. Read on to find out how businesses can access high quality CPR training in Kennesaw, GA, through Executive CPR.

Get Living Saving Courses in the Workplace

Because every workplace has different CPR training needs, Executive CPR offers a wide range of workplace based courses that teach basic and more advanced life saving techniques. Our Heartsaver CPR course will give your employees the ability to recognize the early warning signs for significant issues such as heart attack and stroke. For workplaces with more advanced needs, Executive CPR has developed the one of a kind Heartsaver AED course, which combines CPR training with the proper usage of defibrillator machines. If all your employees need is basic first aid training, our Heartsaver First Aid course only takes a day to complete and will train your employees in general first aid information and the type of knowledge needed to recognize emergency medical and injury situations.

Find CPR Training in Kennesaw, GA from a Trusted Sources

For businesses both large and small, having your employees receive lifesaving CPR training is the key in running a safe, secure workplace. While some companies request that their employees find a CPR course on their own, it is often more effective to have a certified CPR trainer come to your workplace and offer the type of instruction that you need. Getting CPR training in Kennesaw, GA, is as easy as finding the right course through Executive CPR.

Offering a wide range of courses to fit every business need, Executive CPR helps businesses train their employees in life saving measures for almost every health contingency. From CPR, to first aid and on to more advanced life saving techniques, Executive CPR has a class for you. Contact us today to find out how we can give your employees the CPR training that they need.