Atlanta-GeorgiaIn the last few decades Atlanta has grown from a relatively simple Southern city to one of the biggest metro areas in the country, and the expansion will only continue. Originally a popular railway hub, Atlanta eventually became the headquarters of many famous corporations, including Turner Broadcasting and Coca-Cola. Atlanta is also the home of many sports franchises, most notably the former champion Atlanta Braves baseball team and the Atlanta Hawks basketball and Atlanta Falcons football teams. The film industry in the Atlanta area has exploded recently as well, with tax incentives from the state government luring many Hollywood studio productions in past years.

Atlanta is the most diverse community in the South, and with so many competing corporate and recreational opportunities, the number of businesses and residents will continue to grow. So if you intend on calling Atlanta home, you should try looking out for your neighbors with a series of Atlanta CPR training courses. Designed to spread knowledge of CPR and first aid techniques, the team at Executive CPR & First Aid look forward to teaching you the basics to save someone’s life.

About Executive CPR & First Aid

Executive CPR & First Aid is dedicated to providing the highest quality in professional health care and emergency first aid training. With offices in Atlanta, we service the greater metro area and offer comprehensive CPR and first aid classes that can cover a wide range of practical applications. Available training options include the following.

  • Instructor Information Courses: Designed for CPR and BLS instructors looking to improve their own training sessions. We can keep you updated as well on new advances in the field of emergency care.
  • Health Care Professional Training Courses: Covers basic CPR skills and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). This also teaches you how to clear an obstructed airway. Courses are intended for all ages.
  • Workplace Training Classes: Focuses on teaching how to recognize and immediately treat potentially fatal situations, such as choking or cardiac arrest. This is meant more for adults in a professional environment.

Executive CPR & First is proud to claim that we use only the best in available emergency care equipment, including AED devices and emergency medical tools. Furthermore, when you complete your training, we print your certification card right there.

Schedule Your Atlanta CPR Training Today

Why wait any longer to schedule your Atlanta CPR training? The sooner you, your family, and your employees are trained, the better equipped all of you will be when the time comes to save a life. So call our office today at (770) 565-2848 and book your appointment.